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passed away. we have details how to say thank you and good-bye to art modell. >> the magic still here. cheering on the o's honoring cal and we don't need to keep our fingers crossed. the o's are in the playoff hunt. >> are you in your pjs wchg and what do i put on the orange orpurple? ifth game is not until monday but celebrations start today and we will tell you what is going on with a live report every thing happening around city. those stories straight ahead. happy friday. you did the orange and purple and up you have the orange tie. >> reporter: i will do purple tonight because i have to work again. >> you in putting in a long haul. >> reporter: double dudey but i will do purple tonight and balance it out. what is purple and orange make? >> great colors. >> reporter: halloween theme. >> and baltimore right now. >> it's great weather wide wise. >> i am on the hot seat -- wise. >> i am on the hot seat. >> i like the shirt.
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>> thanks so much. yes, we are looking good tonight. we will stay dry out there. and the humidity out there once again but it's not going to be as humid as it has been. that's good news that i candeliver this morning. married most powerful radar is dry. you don't need the rain gear as you step out and about. temperatures in arnold 71. and dew point yes they are up there but they are not in the 70s like they have been. looking at 68 for a dew point in arnold. 67 for a temperature in millersville and the dew point coming in at 66 and the last stop at hanover with the temperature coming in right around 68 degrees as well. and that's where linda so is this morning as she get things ramped up for the evening. heading through the hour by hour forecast, we will see sun and clouds throughout the day. temperatures right around 79 degrees by 10. and plenty of sunshine by lunchtime with the temperature at 86 degrees. it's going to be a hot one on tap. let's check the abc2 timesaver traffic with mike masco good morning. >> reporter: good morning. tgif let's get into it. we are talking a few
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construction delays across- town. we will start up in old frederick road in both directions affected near edmonton and the ongoing construction this morning. we have construction south of town and also disabled vehicle on route 100. that has been cleared and construction as you make your way into the key bridge but both harbor tunnel and fort mchenry tunnel looking good at this hour. outside for a live shot. 95 northbound at maryland 100 volume picking up at this early hour. another shot shows 695 at harford road. things are looking good. the drive times in check about 11 minute ride from 695 outer loop from 95 to 83. another check on traffic in less than 10 now onto you. >> two minutes after 6. he gave you something to cheer about. the man who brought football back to baltimore gave so much to the city and now it's your time to say thank you and good- bye to art modell. sherrie johnson is live where you can pay your respects and they are doing this at the bank because they want a huge crowd to show up don't they? >> reporter: yes, the team
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wants a large number of people to come out. -- number of people to come out. a few years ago i did a interview with art modell he isand it was a honor to sit and talk with him. this saturday, fans can come out and pay tribute to him right here at m and t bank stadium. there will be his casket will be at the field from 11 a.m. until 1 p.m. this is a silent tribute and you're asked to wear purple to the event. art modell, the man credited with bringing football back to charm city died early yesterday morning of natural causes at johns hopkins hospital. he was 87 years old. motel-- modell is best remembered to contribution to the nfl and he was the owner of the cleveland browns in 1961 to 1995. and the baltimore ravens from 1996 to 2003. he helped launch monday night football but was perhaps well- known as charitable work including 20 years of service on cleveland clinic board. he and his late wife pat were
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also devoted to the arts. >> talking about ternal philanthropy and giving and -- flan throw -- about personal philanthropy and giving and caring and was not just aboutgiving money they would go to places. they gave money to have a symposium on dough nest he can violence and gave to -- domestic violence and gave to hawks hawkins and they were involvedand cared. not just the giving of the money. >> reporter: modell is survived by his sons and six grandchildren. the tribute will be held here on saturday from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. reporting live at m and t bank stadium, sherrie johnson, abc2 news. art modell will be on our minds. ravens are dedicating the season to him. the first game is monday but you know baltimore it's time to get pumped so we get pumped early and linda so is live this morning with the caravan they are getting every time we come to you it gets louder and
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louder. >> reporter: louder and louder. you can hear the music. there's more people showing up here. this place is amazing. this area kind of looks like the caribbean and they are serving up free breakfast and we have the cheerleaders and poe joining thus morning. and we have our rookie cheerleader this year. this is so exciting. this is a dream come true for you and to open this season with monday night football how exciting is that. >> i cannot express the words. monday night football the first opening game is like a cheerleader's dream come true. >> reporter: what do you think it will be like running on the field. >> we had the first two preseason games but veterans say there's nothing like running out of the tunnel on a regular game especially monday night. >> reporter: that's awesome and today, the party gets started. you guys will be all throughout town with the caravan. >> absolutely. we have the full schedule in baltimore and we are going to a couple schools this morning and making a couple surprise visits like we mentioned, but we go to a bunch of different places handing out freebies and orange things tonight. so we have a lot of fun things
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up our sleeves. >> reporter: wonderful and this year's calendar is out right. >> yes. long awaited calendar. we took a year off last year but this year we are back with the annual swim suit calendar that will be on sale at all the stops. it's $15. and all of our beautiful cheerleaders grace the cover of the pages. there's serena right there standing next to me and on the other side so we are excited about our calendar this year and hope you all will come out and buy it. >> reporter: wonderful. what month. >> i am in the full spread at the very back of the calendar. i will flip through it for you. that's the best page. that's the best page of all the pages. >> reporter: all right. thanks so much again. purple caravan gets started today and it kicks off here at 7 at the cancun cantina in hanover. they are serving up free breakfast and you can enjoy it. we are having tons of fun. everyone is welcome so put on purple and come out. live in hanover, linda so, abc2 news. >> all right the race is on for
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an owe o's october. baltimore continuing the 4-game series with new york tonight. last night game provide high drama late. that's matt wieters. jones took over. he is like this is okay. 46,000 fans and they got a treat. late inning she rock rowics by jones number 26 for him and arguably the hottest guy in baseball mark reynolds, okay, stupid stat for you. this guy had 2 home runs multii home run games against the yankees megan how many times in -- yankees megan how many times? 3 times. a tip for new york stop pitching to them. and davis throws icing on the cake just hike will clark. so sweet. 10-69 final from the yard. o's -- 10-6 the final from the
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yard. now o's back to a tie. the o's continuing the dream run jamie castello tells us the ghost of baltimore is baseball past are now back so are you. >> reporter: it came -- did you came back and pulled the orange out of the closet and came back. >> okay, my gosh it feels great. 14 years, we can get it done this year. >> reporter: brooks came back and on an emotional day over losing art modell brooks and cal hoareo and hero. and the brother speaks. >> it's about a guy that cared about what he did on field, and cared about what he did off the field, and he cared about how he did it on the field and how he did it off the field he still does thank you i. sir. >> you draped the railing pointing out superstars in the crowd. and another star speaks. >> cal has exceeded all expectations not only as a baseball player, but as a
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humanbeing. >> reporter: and for that you get a statue. 17 years to the night he broke the iron horse's record and the ironman gets his bronze. >> i am taking a lap around the ball park. >> reporter: in the time he took a lap around the statue the orioles were greeting the yankees with four quick runs. base hits home runs and what do you want from the club? just to keep it going. >> it's pretty cool. >> reporter: it's cool but you came back. it's cool you are looking beyond new york d scooping up tickets for the tampa series. it's cool mason -- lake mason is lit up in orangewe missed this didn't we? our city is alive you can feel it. great for the birds to be back. >> jamie costello reporting. you going to dress in orange for the o's? log on to the facebook page and let us know how you are showing your support for the team and how excited you r send pictures and we will -- you are. send your pictures and we will upload them. and e-mail them to
6:10 am but when you do sen the e-mail put orioles in the subject line. news time on this friday is 6:09. it's a story hitting close to home. >> a deadly case of west nilevirus inching towards our commune. what we found in our backyards and what's being done to stop it from spreading -- community. what we found in our backyards and what's being done to stop from spreading. >> they have to get that car out of that searching hole now. >> it's fun, family friendly and free and a great way to celebrate a baltimore tradition. and it's for a great cause. we have key tales about the -- details about the dragon boat races and the mission behind it. >> the dew points are in the mid to upper 60s this morning. so that humidity still clinging to us. but we have dry air that's going to make its way in. i will tell you when it gets here coming up. >> reporter: and i am mike masco. this is 695 at the pulaski highway. things looking good. but one issue heading to 95 northbound we will talk about that coming up. >> a live look at new york
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times square. things are picking up on this friday. let's head that way for a check of the tech bites. >> reporter: in today's tech bites amazon unveils three versions of the new kindle fire hd57 inch which sells for 200 and 8.9 inch for 300 and a 4g lte for $500. abc news tech editor got look. >>i don't know yet if the kindle fire hd is the best tablet on the market i will say it looks like it is pretty good tablet. i did like the hardware design and they upgraded it and it looks sleeker than the original. >> reporter: apple may be looking to take on internet radio giant pandora they are in talks to license music with plans to launch a custom radio service of its own. and the fridge of the future designed a new interactive touch screen fridge that warns you when food is about to spoil. it can even suggest contail recipes based on items inside.
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those are the tech bites. i am rob nelson.
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look for something great to do this weekend. the dragon boat races are coming to the inner harbor. >> they do this of every year and kelly swoope says thousands will go for the excitement but dozens of programs for the needy benefit from the great competition. >> okay. >> reporter: on with -- armed with paddle and light vest they are on a mission. no no time for a quiet relacking sail or ride on water taxi. they were hitting the water to work. they have been getting rade since july. but -- ready since july. but two days from now catholic charities dragon boat races 2012 will paddle through the
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harbor at lightning speed. >> if you hear me say we have alignment i would get ready in we won twice in 2000 and 2002 so we are looking to get back in the winner circle. >> reporter: dave's team's is a sponsor they supported from the very first race in 1998. >> we can't say no to catholic charities and it's a blast. >> reporter: each corporate sponsor partners with one of the clients. >> partners are corporate supporters with our program and not only provides direct financial benefit for the agency and programs but it really allows our partners to understand the need of the clients. >> reporter: this year the 8 boats, 36 teams. and while the sponsors give, they also get something back inreturn. >> it is the ultimate team work event because every paddle is supposed to hit the water at
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theexact same time. >> it's a great opportunity and a great team building experience. >> reporter: this is the secondrace for this group. the staffing company is parted with a housing center in anne arundel county. >> feels good to be able to help them and every thing that we make all the donations go directly there and it's great to give back to the community. >> reporter: at the sunset brings the phenyl practice to a close and they will be prepared to paddle come saturday. >> catholic charities win and we win and partner programs win. >> that's so great. >> races hitting the water tomorrow morning at 8 going until 6. they will race in the inner harbor from the world trade center and it's free and open to the public and megan you talk about the impact this has for catholic charities. >> they do soap for the community so it's great cause to go out and support them and
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cheer them on. we have that and fort mchenry and o's and ravens and pressure is on because we need good weather. >> you watched kelly's piece did you see the wonderful sunset? >> beautiful. >> i am going to take my cue and raise you one i doesn't know what i am talking about. >> that's good. >> i am going to raise your sunset and sunrise. today, you can see we are steadily clearing up. this is a good trend. this will continue even as we head into tomorrow morning. and that when we will see a little change in the forecast. but let's slide off towards the south where we are watching the remnants of isaac in the gulf of mexico. this is forecasted has a 30% chance of becoming a tropical system in the next 48 hours. so we are going to keep our eyes peeled for that one. now we head out to the lantic where we have double hurricanes. that is category two michael that we are looking at it has a well defined eye as of now and this will stay away from the
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u.s. it's exactly with a we like. and than we look at leslie, this will stay away from the u.s. as well but looks ragged and not really moving that much. and you can kind of see the eye a little bit. but again this will stay away and this is what we like as we go through time. now the future trend not picking up on a whole lot. that means we will stay dry as we go throughout today. lots of sunshine in the foreweather moves in here and as we head into the evening on saturday. so i say around 5 or 6 is when the wet weather will work its way in. some of the wet weather could be on the stormy side. for today, the temperature coming in right around 90 degrees. 71 and humid by this evening. tomorrow, 86 and few of the storms could be on the strong side. and this is a look at 7-day forecast as we become cooler nice as we head into the ravens game on monday. let's check the abc2 timesaver traffic with mike masco. >> reporter: that's a good forecast. >> good. >> reporter: a plus on that. route 07 eastbound is where -- 70 eastbound where we have a wreck tying things up at exit
6:19 am
68. and we will go well north of town as you cross say into wilmington, 95 northbound serious wreck at exit 103. that's going to tie up 95 and they are starting to see congestion picked up south of westminster. westbound between green road and suffolk road and speeds around 30 miles per hour decrease in speeds. outside for a live shot. we will show you liberty road towards the north, things are nice. another shot 695 at harford road things look pretty good. drive times most in check right now. 695 outer loop from 95 to 83 that's an 11 minute commute. another check on traffic in less than ten minutes and now charley. a story gives new meaning to getting stuck on the highway. a driver went into a massive sink hole in ottawa and we know a thing or two about this in baltimorech the driver was not hrt but his car swail -- hurt but his car was swallowed up.
6:20 am
you see the end result. the whole doubled in size requiring major repairs for the highway to reoa. this is something we can re-- to reopen. this is something we can relate to and something else we can relate to beautiful dogs. friday are more lovely when aleen gabbey and a great pet come into the studio. tell us about diego because he is getting a lot of attention. he is adorable. >> he is just loving all the attention he is getting in the studio. he's senior dog and the adoption fee is waived. he is 10 years old. >> wow. he doesn't look it. he doesn't look it. >> he looks spry and is in very good shape and the one thing i did notice is he could have used a little bit of dental work. >> oh. >> throughout his life. >> bad breath is this. >> a little bit. >> that comes with the territory. >> yeah. >> actually you have to brush your pet's teeth. >> you do this. >> and people laugh but it
6:21 am
keeps the breath nice and fresh which is nice if you want to get close to your dog. and it's good for their health but the tooth paste they make has poultry or beef flavor and they like it in have you tried it? >> no, personally, no. >> i am sure the dog loves it. diego needs teeth cleaned but ready for a good home. one thing with older dogs they are great to adopt because they are house broken and comfortable and sort of you know a lot easier than a puppy. >> low maintenance and he is house brokee and happy and friendly. he would be very easy to transition into a new home. >> going to the maryland spca the adoption fee is gone so give them a visit and go check out all the animals they have at the maryland spca and before we go tell everybody about what's going on in two weeks to parktheir calendars. >> swan harbor in two weeks a food truck rally on friday the 21st. >> all the benefits go towards little dudes here like diego and he is a great pet.
6:22 am
i love you. we are in love with each other. you want to come home. we have to do something about the breath but mine is probably not great either. now back to charley. >> what? >> it's from the coffee breath. >> the dog doesn't have coffee breath. >> i do. >> chicken tooth paste? >> i will give it a try. >> all right. all right it's going to take time that's what the president said last night. what he is talking about the when i. -- economy. what needs to be done to get things back on track as he continues to make a case for a second term. and funny or inappropriate. a store says it's a great way to take out frustrations while others say it's plane wrong. we want to know what you think about a punching bag depicting the current president. anncr: this casino's in west virginia.
6:23 am
but it makes millions off marylanders every year. now they're running dishonest ads. why? because voting for question seven is a vote to build a... world-class resort casino in maryland. creating thousands of jobs and... ...according to the official department of legislative... services, hundreds of millions for our schools. while saving taxpayer money by cutting casino subsidies. question seven. good jobs and better schools in maryland. not west virginia.
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democracy 2012 we have 60 days until the election. and both presidential candidates back on the campaign trail. >> yeah. so now this comes after president obama's big night at democratic national convention happening in charlotte he
6:26 am
accepted the nomination and asked vote force another four -- voters for another four years. saying having inherited one of the worst economic crisis in history he needs more time to turn things around. >> you elect me to tell you the truth. and the truth is it will take more than a few years for us to solve challenges that built up over decades. >> obama and his rival and opponent mitt romit in former governor of massachusetts campaigning today in new hampshire and iowa. key battleground states. news time 6:26. the controversial toy is for sale in one kentucky store and has customers upset and fighting back. >> yeah. they are stunned by a product at a local hardware store in the state a punching bag called the obomba bop. the president has a bruised face as you see right there. >> if you have different views than the president that is in office, it is the office of the president of the united states. you have to show some respect. >> it's a good comical items
6:27 am
and that's all it is. it doesn't pick one political candidate over another. >> the store owner has said that the romney bop has not been made because they have not had calls for them. we posted this on the facebook page and received a dozen responses. we want to know what you think because we he were chatting about this in the newsroom this morning. >> yeah. the appropriateness of how we go after our political candidates and elected officials. they open themselves up to levels of criticism but is this going too far? let us know what you think at the abc2 news facebook site. >> how happy are your-- how happy that the kids are back in school? >> our video clip of the day. a mom so excited she couldn't hide it. and you will see it coming up in few. [ harry umlaut ] here we go.
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